Welcome to The Photographers Project

    Here you will meet people from every background, walk, and stage of life, that have dedicated a portion of their lives to making images with the light that falls on the things around them.

    A number of years ago I began to realize just how many people I knew who I would call photographers, whether they make their living solely with the camera, or they happened to pick it up as a hobby one day and take photos in their spare time. They all show the same dedication and craft that goes into their work, and share an eye for how light affects the world around them. After that though, their stories are unique to them. It fascinates me how different everyone’s photographic journey has been, whether they went to school for it (like I did), or have been shooting commercially for years, or were gifted a camera and started taking pictures of things that caught their eye on their way to work.

    I want to showcase and celebrate those differences and share these photographers stories. Taking pictures has become such a normal part of our culture that I fear the effort and craft and hard work that goes into making good images is sometimes lost. Photography is truly both an art and a craft, and I wanted to turn the lens back on those who put in the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears that it takes to develop it (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun). The Photographers Project aims to shed light on those in the discipline of photography and bring a sense of appreciation to them as people and as artists. I hope you enjoy learning more about the people who are usually hidden behind the camera.